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04 October, 2023
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Hot weather and clear skies on the horizon

Temperatures expected to rise by mid-week as July takes over


Hot temperatures are making their way back on the island with Monday starting off in the mid to upper 30’s and rising over the next few days.

Despite a low pressure system in the area, Monday skies will be mostly clear with light westerly winds during the early part of the day developing into strong winds later in the afternoon.

The sea will be calm to relatively calm but there will be parts with choppy waters in the afternoon.

Maximum temperatures will be 37° Celsius inland, 34° on the eastern coast, around 31° in all other coastal regions, and 27° up in the highest elevations on the mountains.

In the evening, skies will be mostly clear with minimum temperatures registering 22° Celsius around the capital and all around the coast, while it will drop down to 15° up in the highest elevations on the mountains.

Temperatures are expected to rise Tuesday through Thursday, with mostly clear weather in the forecast for the next few days.


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