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Hot weather continues with clear skies

Meteorological department issues warnings amid soaring temperatures


A scorching heatwave has gripped the region, with authorities issuing a yellow warning for exceptionally high temperatures. The sign, in effect until 6:00 PM today, urges residents to take precautions as the mercury soars to record-breaking levels.

According to the local Meteorology Department, temperatures are expected to remain dangerously high throughout the day. Inland areas will experience a minimum temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, while coastal regions will see a minimum of 25 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature is anticipated to reach a sweltering 41 degrees Celsius in some inland areas, while higher mountainous regions are expected to see peaks of around 32 degrees Celsius.

Residents are advised to stay hydrated and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during peak hours. It is crucial to seek shade, wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing, and apply sunscreen regularly to protect against heat-related illnesses.

Today's weather forecast indicates clear skies and intense heat. Initially, the winds will be weak to moderate, ranging from northeast to southeast, before gradually shifting to mainly southwest to northwest by late afternoon. The sea is expected to be calm, with slight disturbances in some areas.

As evening approaches, the weather will remain clear, with temperatures dropping slightly. Winds will predominantly blow from the northwest to the northeast, while southeastern regions will experience weak breezes. The sea is expected to be calm to slightly rough during this time.

Over the next three days, the region will continue to experience predominantly sunny weather, with temperatures remaining significantly above average. Authorities advise the public to stay informed about weather updates and follow guidelines provided by local authorities to stay safe and comfortable during this extended heatwave.

The extreme heat wave has prompted concerns about the potential impact on public health, particularly for vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, young children, and those with pre-existing medical conditions. Local authorities have set up cooling centers and urged citizens to check on their neighbors, especially those at higher risk.

With the region bracing for scorching temperatures, everyone needs to take necessary precautions and prioritize their well-being. Stay calm, stay safe, and beat the heat during this challenging weather phenomenon.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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