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How to apply for the photovoltaic project for your home

Solar project website down, 4000 homes wait


Ministry of Energy has launched Category A3 of the grants scheme to promote the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems in residential buildings for 2024-2025.

Category A3, named "Photovoltaics for Everyone," targets initially 2,000 households planning to install Photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 4.16 kW. These households must have consumed no more than 6,000 kWh annually in the previous year.

According to the Ministry of Energy, applicants will reimburse the "repayment amount" to the RES and CHP Fund through bi-monthly charges of €150, paid via their electricity supplier (e.g., DEI), with a special charge on their electricity bill.

It's important to note that the scheme applies to existing residences where building permits or planning permits were submitted before January 1, 2017. These homes must have all the necessary legal documents and must not be rented out by legal entities, nor engage in any commercial activities.

Interested parties can visit the RES and CHP Fund system website, create a user account, and proceed with the application process. Essential documents include proof of property ownership, demonstrating the applicant as the owner or holder of one of the shares.

For citizens whose property has been granted by the state under the housing assistance law for displaced persons, additional documentation certifying the assistance must be provided.

Apart from Cypriot citizens, European permanent residents, and third-country nationals permanently residing in the Republic can also participate. However, installations commenced before registration will result in rejection.

The allocated budget for this investment is €30 million, with a ceiling of €5,000 per grant to benefit 6,000 households. Initially, 2,000 applications will be examined, with a grant of €250 per kilowatt-hour.

The maximum grant amount is €1,000, equivalent to 4 kilowatt-hours, while the highest repayment amount is €4,000. Both the grant and repayment amount will be handled by the company responsible for the project installation.

To facilitate the process, the Ministry of Energy has provided a list of companies capable of constructing and installing these systems, and all participation documents can be obtained from the RES and CHP Fund website.

While technical issues have been reported by applicants, the Ministry assures that upgrades to the website are underway to accommodate the remaining 4,000 applications promptly.

[This article is a summary of the original in Greek published in Kathimerini's Sunday edition]

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