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Humanitarian aid ship en route to Gaza, expected arrival in 18 hours

Cyprus, UN, US and UK collaborative effort aims to alleviate crisis in Gaza


A combined effort between Cyprus, the UN, the United States and the United Kingdom is underway to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. Departing from Larnaka port on Wednesday, the USAV JAMES LOUX, a vessel of the US Army, is en route to Gaza with a fresh shipment of aid for the population.

US Ambassador to Cyprus, Julie Fisher, expressed the commitment of the countries to ensure life-saving aid reaches those in need. Partnering with the UN and other nations, the US and Cyprus are implementing a complex maritime humanitarian mission under Nicosia's Amalthea initiative.

Meanwhile, included on the aid ship is the first British humanitarian aid package for Gaza, which includes nearly 100 tonnes of materials, including 8,400 shelter coverage kits, as part of a £2 million aid package. The aid will be distributed within Gaza as soon as feasible.

The pier built by the US Navy and Army will serve as a crucial entry point for aid, facilitating the delivery of international aid into Gaza. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak highlighted the collaboration between the UK, US, and Cyprus in establishing a maritime aid corridor, emphasizing the importance of increasing humanitarian aid flow to Gaza.

Foreign Secretary David Cameron underscored the necessity of utilizing all possible channels to deliver aid to Gaza's residents. He reiterated calls for the full opening of the Israeli port of Ashdod and additional land crossings to ensure efficient aid delivery and better deconfliction measures.

[With information from CNA]

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