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Gaza aid pier completed, installation delayed due to weather

The US military has delayed the installation of the Gaza aid pier due to rough seas


The U.S. military has completed the construction of a temporary pier and causeway aimed at facilitating aid delivery to Gaza via a maritime system. However, plans to install it on the shore are temporarily halted due to adverse weather conditions and logistical challenges.

According to Sabrina Singh, a Pentagon spokeswoman, military ships and the constructed pier are currently stationed at Israel's Ashdod port. However, strong winds and rough sea conditions are preventing the safe installation of the pier at Gaza's beach.

Singh mentioned on Tuesday that the U.S. military aims to proceed with the installation later this week, provided that weather conditions improve.

In the meantime, humanitarian aid is being loaded onto the Sagamore, a large container ship docked in Cyprus, with plans for eventual delivery to Gaza.

The U.S. hopes that the establishment of the pier will facilitate the delivery of more humanitarian aid to Gaza, where the United Nations has declared a severe famine in the northern region.

[Source: Military Times]

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