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Hundreds of thousands rally in support of Ukraine (images)

Protesters from around the world demonstrate against the invasion of Ukraine

Shemaine Bushnell Kyriakides

There have been numerous protests around the world against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, something President Putin probably didn't expect.  An anti-war rally was held in Germany yesterday brought together over 100,000 people calling for an end to the war.  While in Cyprus, hundreds of people gathered over the weekend in support of Ukraine, reminding Cypriots of their shared experiences in the 1974 invasion. 

And Russians were no exception.  People demonstrated on the streets of St. Petersburg and Moscow, resulting in hundreds of arrests over the weekend.

Here are some of the images from around the world

Cyprus (Photo courtesy Twitter @Zoe Panayi)


Germany (Photo courtesy Twitter @aloksandal)

St. Petersburg, Russia (Photo courtesy Twitter @ABC)

Amsterdam (Photo courtesy Twitter @AhmedShalaby51)

Czech Republic (Photo courtesy Twitter @_milan_jaros)

Tokyo, Japan (Photo courtesy Twitter @BolatJP)

 Times Square, New York, USA (Photo courtesy Twitter @itssamsuzuki)

Israel (Photo courtesy Twitter @lapatina)

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