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IDF's fuel ban in Gaza stirs global debate

Inside Israel's striking strategy for Gaza and Hezbollah


In a recent discussion on Israel's strategy, Maj. Gen. Tamir Hayman, head of Israel's Institute for National Security Studies, clarified the IDF's stance on humanitarian aid in Gaza.

While supporting aid to the southern part, Gaza City faces restrictions, particularly concerning fuel due to concerns of it reaching Hamas. Hayman emphasized the IDF's commitment to international law and expressed openness to assistance.

He highlighted specific areas like the Bedouin enclave of Al-Mawashi and Khan Younis for aid delivery.

Addressing Gaza's future, Hayman asserted Israel's non-occupation intentions.

After eliminating Hamas, the plan involves empowering moderate Palestinian elements, including Fatah and the Palestinian Authority, with the support of an international task force stationed in Sinai, Egypt.

While Israel aims to assist in rebuilding Gaza City, international donors and Egyptian organizations will oversee the effort, contingent on Hamas's destruction.

Turning to Hezbollah, Hayman noted miscalculations by Hamas regarding dragging Hezbollah into a war with Israel.

He underscored Hezbollah's strategic thinking and highlighted the deterrence message sent by the US military presence.

Strikes against Hezbollah were announced to restore calm in northern Israel.

Regarding potential conflicts, Hayman warned that if Hezbollah engages in war, areas like southern Beirut and other Hezbollah bases could resemble the current situation in Gaza City.

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