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Illegal land alterations spark legal action in Akamas

Inspections revealed illegal interventions on 25 properties


In a significant development, reports of wrongdoing by 20 owners of agricultural/land properties in the Akamas region have been forwarded to the General Prosecutor's Office.

The owners are accused of unauthorized interventions and modifications to their properties, violating their land use permits. Despite a two-month ultimatum to rectify these irregularities, no compliance has been observed from their end.

The Paphos District Administration and the Department of Town Planning and Housing are diligently preparing misconduct reports. Within the next two weeks, these reports will be submitted to the General Prosecutor for further action and legal measures.

It's worth noting that these unauthorized alterations were initially discovered last September during inspections conducted under the directives of the Minister of Interior, Mr. Konstantinos Ioannou.

A team comprising officials from the Paphos District Administration, the Department of Town Planning and Housing (Paphos Offices), and the Game and Fauna Service conducted physical on-site inspections and utilized technological means.

The inspections revealed illegal interventions on 25 properties, located on the outskirts of the Akamas National Forest Park, adjacent to Natura Network areas. Legal actions had already been taken for five of these cases.

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