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Akamas road improvement faces backlash

Serious issues found in Akamas sustainability plan


In response to mounting pressure and civil complaints, the Ministry of Agriculture initiates a comprehensive investigation into the Sustainable Development Plan for Akamas National Forest Park.

Volt Cyprus, echoing environmental organizations, voices concerns about significant flaws during the preparation, publication, and implementation of the plan, sparking widespread public debate.

The administrative inquiry, prompted by societal pressure, reveals serious omissions in the ecologically vital Akamas area, according to a statement.

The investigation's findings raise questions about the appropriateness of these oversights, given the ecological significance of Akamas.

Despite the Ministry's conclusions on the initial construction phase, specifically the Akama NDP road improvement, Volt Cyprus remains unsatisfied.

The organization contends that the inquiry fails to address its concerns adequately, mirroring the sentiments of environmental groups and concerned citizens.

This ongoing situation highlights the complexity of balancing development with ecological preservation in the Akamas region.

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