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Turkey's alleged plan to resettle Palestinian refugees raises concerns

Reports suggest a strategic effort involving Turkey, Qatar, and unexpected alignment with Israel in relocating Palestinians to Kurdish areas within Turkey and occupied Cyprus


Turkey is reportedly strategizing the resettlement of Palestinian refugees, aiming to relocate up to 250,000 individuals from the Gaza Strip to Kurdish-inhabited regions in southeastern Turkey and the occupied territories of Cyprus. The plan, outlined in a report by the US-based GIS/Defence & Foreign Affairs Group, suggests a coordinated effort involving Turkey, Qatar, and Hamas, and an unexpected alignment with Israel.

The orchestrated initiative, led by Turkey's intelligence agency MİT, emphasizes a "humanitarian transfer and relocation" of 200,000 to 250,000 Palestinians to southeastern Turkey, predominantly inhabited by Kurds. Additionally, a considerable number of refugees are slated for relocation to the occupied territories, specifically the Greater Famagusta area.

The report posits that Turkey's strategy serves various strategic purposes. It positions Turkey as an Islamic benefactor, supported by a "Special Fund" for Palestinians. Simultaneously, resettlement in occupied Cyprus implies a push for recognition of the pseudo-state. Furthermore, Turkey's actions appear intertwined with efforts to normalize relations with Israel, aligning with the latter's intentions to relocate Palestinians from its territory, suggesting coordinated geostrategic moves between the two nations.

The broader plan, as outlined by the report, includes Turkey's ambition to establish an international body through the United Nations, tasked with overseeing a multi-level peace initiative to resolve the Palestinian issue.

It's noteworthy that the report, initially featured on the Turkish Cypriot website Bugun Kipris, has not been widely broadcasted on Turkish or other Turkish Cypriot websites but is being reproduced through the NKD.

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