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Stylianou's pledge to battle cancer alone at Man of the Year Awards

How a bicycle became Petros Stylianou's cure


In a testament to resilience and the strength found in adversity, Petros Stylianou triumphed over a challenging bout with cancer, reshaping his life's purpose to champion those facing a similar ordeal.

Born in Limassol and later settling in Paphos with a beautiful family, Stylianou, a father of three and grandfather of three, draws inspiration from his loved ones. His wife, Yannoula, remains a constant pillar of support, guiding him through the toughest times.

The summer of 2011 marked a seismic shift for Stylianou when he received a life-altering diagnosis of cancer. Reflecting on that moment, he recounts, "At the first hearing of cancer, literally, the earth disappeared from under my feet. Up until that day, I knew that cancer was something that couldn't be cured, and that, of course, brought me down psychologically."

Confronted with slim chances of survival, Stylianou turned to an unconventional remedy—cycling. Faced with negativity from his initial doctor's prognosis, he decided to defy the odds and lift his spirits.

"Since everything was so negative, I would do nothing and try, in the little time I had left, to do something that would change my mood. I bought a bicycle and started cycling to the Akamas and fishing at the same time."

Armed with determination, Stylianou not only conquered cancer but embarked on a cycling journey across Cyprus and Europe. His mission: to offer support and encouragement to those battling cancer, dispelling the notion that this formidable adversary is invincible.

"Those who are facing cancer can succeed if they believe and fight," he asserts, leaving an indelible impact not only with his words but also with his profound spirit.

Recognizing his extraordinary contributions, the 22nd Bank of Cyprus Man of the Year Awards 2023 honored Stylianou with the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award in memory of Christos Iakovidis.

During a poignant moment at the ceremony, Stylianou pledged to persist in his endeavors, ensuring that no one, young or old, faces the daunting battle against cancer alone.

As he eloquently stated while accepting the award, "I can only promise you that until my last breath, I will continue to do everything I do because no man or child should fight alone. Together we can all do it."

In a collective wish shared by many, Stylianou's story becomes a beacon of hope, inspiring the hope that others will follow in his footsteps, making our world undeniably more beautiful.

[With information sourced from 24 Sports]

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