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Infected traveler on the loose

Officials trying to locate person who traveled to Cyprus and then tested positive


A traveler in the Republic of Cyprus known to have been infected with the coronavirus is nowhere to be found, with health officials frantically searching for her whereabouts.

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An official said it was a matter of time before the individual could be located

According to local media, a woman who recently traveled to the island ended up testing positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, but health officials and administrators at the lab where the test took place have been unable to track her down.

Reports said the infected person traveled to Cyprus and showed a negative test on her Flight Pass. But after taking the initiative to take a private test, according to local media, the results came back positive.

Efforts to locate her contacts were still unsuccessful with reports saying phone calls went unanswered as officials were trying to verify her location and ask for additional information. 

An official from the health ministry said it was a matter of time to locate the individual, with reports saying law enforcement officers have been enlisted to join the effort.

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