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Infected traveler located abroad

A woman who had tested positive on Sunday but who was then nowhere to be found was located in Austria, her home country, where she had flown to before she heard the news of her infection


The health ministry’s hunt for a coronavirus-infected traveller who was nowhere to be found wrapped up on Monday after authorities confirmed that she had already flown back home, placing an unknown number of people in danger.

News emerged on Sunday that a person who had recently flown into Cyprus had tested positive to a coronavirus test taken at her own initiative, but was later nowhere to be found in order to be given the news of her result and instructions on what to do next.

According to local reports, the woman is of Austrian nationality, and flew into Cyprus for vacation before flying back home on Sunday. She had taken the test which came back positive prior to boarding the flight back home, but it appears that she left before the results were issued and before the health ministry could instruct her to isolate and declare her close contacts.

In fact, health ministry sources said that the woman failed to respond to the contact tracing team’s calls because she was on the plane back to Austria, a highly dangerous move with consequences that have yet to be ascertained.

Austrian authorities have been informed of the situation.

The woman had initially tested negative for the virus to the test she took in order to be allowed to fly into Cyprus from Austria, listed in category B by national authorities. 

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