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Expert warns of potential lockdown in Achna village

The government's coronavirus taskforce is raising the alarm over positive cases refusing to declare their close contacts, risking the spread of the virus to other Cyprus regions


Member of the government’s coronavirus task force Petros Karayiannis warned of a potential local lockdown at the village of Achna in the Famagusta district if residents fail to adhere to the health ministry’s instructions to get tested for coronavirus and declare the full list of their close contacts.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency on Friday, Karayiannis said the epidemiological situation in the village is deteriorating, risking the virus spreading to other Cyprus regions, and urged Achna residents to show responsibility and cooperation as the situation is critical.

The virus spread among the Achna community after a large cluster formed among staff and players of community’s football club, Ethnikos Achnas. A second cluster also formed in the ASIL football club, also a Famagusta district club.

Karayiannis said the virus has also been transmitted through contacts to another Famagusta club, Anagenisi Deryneia, and stressed the need for all positive cases to declare their contacts, in order to prevent the further spread of the virus.

Another member of the coronavirus task force, Valentinos Sylvestros said the majority of cases detected of the past fortnight were detected in Larnaca and Famagusta, noting the tracing process has developed into a headache as positive cases are refusing to name their close contacts.
He said that this does not apply only for Achna residents but is a general phenomenon.

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