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Over 600 traffic violations reported as higher penalties kick in

Police filed reports against 632 drivers for traffic violations, but several drivers didn't take their steep fines lightly


The first day of stricter penalties for traffic violations got off to a rocky start, with traffic police filing over 600 reports against drivers across Cyprus, with some drivers not taking their steep fines lightly.

Thursday marked the first day of the implementation of stricter penalties but also new penalties for certain violations, as Cyprus scrambles to reduce its alarming rates of road accidents and deaths.

The head of traffic police Yiannakis Georgiou told 24 news that police filed a total of 632 reports against drivers islandwide, with the majority of tickets issued for speeding.

But while it can’t be expected that drivers will take their tickets with a smile, Georgiou said some did not hide their disgruntled reaction.

Georgiou noted that on Thursday, police were visible across the Cyprus road network, stressing they will show zero tolerance for traffic violations.

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