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Dizzy teen in the ER draws police attention

Limassol police detain high school student after classmate smokes weed and ends up in hospital


A high school student who got dizzy and visited the Emergency Room drew police attention after doctors said the teen partially fainted after trying to get high.

Local media said a 15-year-old student was taken to the ER at Limassol General Hospital on Thursday around noon, while being in a semi-conscious state.

Law enforcement authorities were notified about the incident, with reports saying the teen attempted to smoke a marijuana joint and got dizzy.

According to media reports, the teenager admitted to police officers at the hospital that he had smoked a cannabis cigarette which he bought for five euro.

After smoking weed, the teen felt dizzy and was taken to the hospital, where he said he got the cigarette from a classmate.

Police tracked down the classmate, also a local 15-year-old, who was detained for questioning.

The incident took place on October 1, a national holiday when schools are closed.

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