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29 February, 2024
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Inland heats up, coast stays cooler

Weekend showers forecasted amidst sunny spells

Today, the weather will predominantly be sunny, offering pleasant conditions for outdoor activities. However, localized areas in the mountains may experience a buildup of clouds in the afternoon. The winds will be mostly gentle to moderate, blowing from the southwest to northwest at 3 to 4 Beaufort speeds. Towards the early evening, the winds will gradually strengthen, reaching 4 to 5 Beaufort. As for the sea, it is expected to be generally slightly rough. Temperature-wise, inland areas will reach around 38 degrees Celsius, while coastal regions will see temperatures around 31 degrees Celsius. Higher elevations in the mountains can expect temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius.

As we move into tonight, the weather will remain mainly clear, but intermittent low clouds may appear locally, primarily along the coast. In the late hours and towards morning, there is a possibility of patchy fog or mist forming in certain areas, particularly in the eastern and southeastern regions. Winds will continue to blow from the southwest to the northwest, later becoming locally variable and weak, at speeds of 3 Beaufort. The sea conditions will gradually transition from slightly rough to calm, except in the western and northern coastal areas, where it will remain rough. Overnight temperatures will drop to around 21 degrees Celsius inland and along the coast, while higher mountainous regions can expect temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius.

Looking ahead to Friday, the weather will once again be predominantly sunny, similar to the conditions experienced today. However, in the afternoon, localized areas in the mountains may witness increased cloud cover. The weekend brings the possibility of showers, even thunderstorms, which are expected to develop during the midday hours and onward, primarily affecting the mountainous regions.

Over the next three days, temperatures are not expected to undergo significant fluctuations and will remain close to the average values for this time of year.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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