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17 January, 2022
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Island interior under heat advisory

Afternoon inland highs hit around 40 but humidity still low around capital


Weather officials have issued a yellow warning for Sunday afternoon due to extreme high temperatures in the interior of the island.

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A yellow warning went into effect Sunday morning at 11am due to extreme high temperatures inland, likely to rise to around 40° degrees Celsius. The weather alert will be in effect through late afternoon at 4pm.

High temperatures are expected to reach 40 inland, mid-30’s in the south, low 30’s in all other coastal regions, while it will be around 30 up in the mountains. Clear skies are expected Sunday afternoon with some strong winds on the southern coast.

Heat index stays low inland

No humidity information was included in the yellow warning. The heat index, which combines air temperature and relative humidity to form human-perceived weather, has not gone up for Nicosia or around the capital due to levels staying low in the interior. Levels along the coast, however, are expected to range between mid and high-mids with some areas possibly reaching 70%.

Minimum lows will drop to 25 degrees inland, south, and east, around 23 in all other coastal regions, while it will be around 18 in the mountains.

Monday skies will be clear with maximum highs reaching 39 inland, 30 in the mountains, and low to mid 30’s in coastal regions.

Similar weather patterns and temperatures are expected Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


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