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Bicycle patrol ready for another hot summer

Members of the bicycle patrol say they have been embraced by the public


The bicycle patrol is getting high praise from officials and the public after two years of service, as police officers hit the road every single day to prevent and combat crime.

According to police, the bicycle patrol has been operating as a law enforcement unit since July 2017, drawing a large portion of its funding from the EU Internal Security Fund.

Members of the bicycle patrol say the public has embraced them, adding that people find cops on bicycles a lot more approachable than other uniformed officers.

The officers, who are armed and fully equipped to enforce the law, also offer advice and provide all sorts of assistance

Police also issued a statement on Thursday saying the bicycle patrol in coastal towns has been received well by the public, both locals as well as tourists. The officers, who are armed and fully equipped to enforce the law, also offer advice and provide assistance. They also tend to matters dealing with traffic, parking violations especially in handicap spaces, as well as tracking down suspects.

There are a total of 24 members in three coastal towns, only one of whom is a female officer. There are four officers in Larnaca, eight in Limassol, four in Paphos, and eight in Famagusta, while two community police officers outside the unit also patrol downtown Nicosia. The Famagusta officers only work in the summer while efforts are underway to extend their schedule throughout the year.

As high temperatures climb above normal averages this summer, police say the bicycle patrol is ready to hit the road for yet another hot summer, leading the way in policing coastal towns.

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