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28 March, 2020
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Isolated showers on the way

Low 30’s with chance of rain, hail expected to fall during weekend thunderstorms


Clouds and showers are expected during parts of Friday, despite overall clear skies throughout the day, with a chance of thunderstorms and even hail over the weekend and into next week.

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On Friday, moderate to strong winds will turn into very strong winds in the late afternoon. Choppy waters are also expected later in the afternoon in the south and west, with relatively calm seas elsewhere for the rest of the day.

Maximum high temperatures are expected to reach 33° Celsius inland, 29 out west, around 31 in all other coastal areas and 22 up on the mountains.

Evening skies will be mostly clear with periods of increasing low cloud formations and light fog over local areas.

Minimum low temperatures will register 18° inland, around 22 over coastal areas, while it will be 12 degrees up on the mountains at the highest elevation.

Saturday and Sunday as well as Monday weather is expected to be cloudy with a higher chance of local showers and isolated thunderstorms after noon, mainly in land and on the mountains.

Hail is expected to fall during thunderstorms while temperatures are expected to remain the same within normal seasonal averages.

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