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Officials issue air quality warning

Outdoor workers and certain groups being advised to take precautions


State officials warned of bad air quality on Thursday as increased levels of dust particles could pose a health risk to some groups.

The Labour Inspection Department issued a statement saying airborne particles on Thursday around 1pm were four times higher than the safety threshold, registering between 20 μg/m3 and 199 μg/m3.

This is four times over the safety threshold, exceeding the safe limit in any given hour which is 50 µg/m3, according to the ambient air quality standards for particulate matter, which is the maximum amount of airborne particles that can be present outdoors without threatening the public's health.

Employers are expected to assess the risk for their employees and take appropriate measures, if any workers must work outside in the open air, it was said in the Labour statement.

Other groups identified in the warning included senior citizens, children, and people facing health issues, all of whom are being advised to avoid spending time outdoors until air quality is normal again.

More information can be accessed by visiting the site Air Quality in Cyprus or through the Air Quality Cyprus phone app available in Google Play and iOS App Store.

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