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Boy in hospital after swallowing herbicide

Mother left poisonous chemical in open container to go check on crying baby


A six-year-old boy in Paphos is in critical condition after swallowing herbicide, with doctors worrying he might have suffered a serious case of stomach contamination.

The boy was at home Wednesday afternoon, when his mother had prepared a mixture of herbicide to kill weeds in the Romanian family’s home garden.

According to CNA News Agency, she left the chemical poison in an open container when she heard her youngest child crying in the baby crib. When she went to attend to the baby, the 6-year-old is believed to have placed the herbicide in his mouth without the presence of an adult in the room.

The mother later came back and noticed her boy was getting dizzy. She reportedly took her son to a private clinic in what was described as a minimally conscious state.

The boy was later transferred to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital where doctors feared gastrointestinal contamination. He was then taken to Makarios Children’s Hospital in Nicosia where it underwent a pediatric gastrointestinal decontamination.

Paphos police are investigating the incident.

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