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Land earthquake and aftershocks hit Cyprus

Seismic activity strikes near Paphos airport late Tuesday night, felt across island and region


A 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck Cyprus on Tuesday night, with the shaking felt in many districts across the island and throughout the region.

According to the Geological Survey Department of the Republic of Cyprus, seismic activity took place on land late Tuesday night at 10:11pm some 10 kilometers southeast of Paphos, registering at 4.7 on the Richter scale.

The earthquake, which was preceded by a smaller shake at 2.7 points on the Richter scale, was felt across the whole island but primarily in Paphos and around the town’s airport as well as Limassol. 

An official from the department reported on Twitter that the earthquake was also felt in Israel, Lebanon, and south Turkey, while main aftershock activity continued to be felt until 11:02pm.

Another official told state radio on Wednesday morning that activity believed to be aftershocks continued in the morning.

No damages were immediately reported.


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