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Landlords arrested after attack video goes viral

Elderly couple in Limassol detained after assault on unwelcome tenant caught on video


An elderly couple has been arrested in Limassol after their tenant told police they assaulted her, while a video of the attack appeared on social media along with reports of a rental dispute.

Local media said an elderly man in Polemidia was caught on video beating an Iranian woman on the head while his wife was seen trying to stop the assault.

Police said they arrested a man and a woman, both aged 76, in connection with the incident after the alleged victim filed a complaint saying she was assaulted by her two landlords. 

The woman was rushed to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital where doctors determined she had a bump on her head, an eyelid laceration, abrasions, and blurred vision.

Police detained the two suspects on multiple charges including aggravated assault, common assault, Illegal possession of an offensive weapon, and trespassing. Additional reports said the female landlord was accused of assaulting the tenant with a pair of scissors prior to the video recording of the alleged incident.

Local media said the elderly couple had been renting the upstairs rooms of their residence to a group of Iranian nationals, who all moved out except a 40-year-old female asylum seeker and her young child.

Additional reports said there was an ongoing dispute about a month prior to the incident, with the woman refusing to pay rent due to lack of electricity and the couple accusing the unwelcome tenant of occupying the premises.

Local media reports decribed the suspects as British and Cypriot but police declined to confirm or provide additional details.

Story updated with assault details and clarification about nationality of suspects

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