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Large dog mauls Miniature Pinscher in Mesogi horror

Woman watches helplessly as small dog ripped apart


A distressing incident unfolded yesterday afternoon in Mesogi's industrial zone as a woman walked her daughter's small dog, only to encounter a harrowing attack by a large black dog.

According to Pafos Press, the victim, identified as the owner of the mini pinscher, recounted the terrifying ordeal to PafosPress, detailing the tragic outcome of the confrontation.

According to the owner's testimony, the aggressive canine launched a vicious assault on her miniature pinscher, resulting in fatal injuries despite swift medical intervention. Despite efforts by attending veterinarians, the small dog succumbed to its wounds, leaving its owner devastated by the loss.

Law enforcement swiftly responded to the scene following the report, with police officials commencing investigations into the alarming incident. The injured mini pinscher was promptly transported to a local veterinary clinic for urgent care, yet tragically, medical efforts proved futile in saving its life.

In a bid to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the attack, the owner expressed intentions to pursue further inquiries, including an autopsy at the Nicosia Veterinary Hospital to shed light on the tragedy's circumstances.

Providing evidence to PafosPress, the grieving owners shared images depicting the severity of the fatal injuries inflicted upon the small animal. The graphic images, depicting wounds described as comparable in size to a coffee cup (8-10 cm), serve as crucial documentation for authorities and the Animal Police tasked with investigating the incident.

While the distressing photographs and the deceased animal serve as pivotal evidence, PafosPress refrains from publishing the images out of respect for the sensitivities surrounding the tragic event.

[With information sourced from Pafos Press]

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