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Vultures' feeding frenzy at Limassol restaurant sparks poisoning concerns

Vulture dining trend threatens public safety in Cyprus


In a peculiar dining affair at the Limnatis restaurant in Limassol, vultures and kites are emerging as avid patrons of ''fine dining,'' as per a statement from the Birdlife Cyprus, which posted a video from the scene.

"Did you know that vultures' habit of feeding in groups renders these birds vulnerable to mass poisoning when sharing a carcass that may be contaminated?" the association asks readers.

It's noted that over the past decades, feeding stations have significantly aided in the recovery of vulture populations across Europe.

In Cyprus, four state-managed restaurants operate (three under the Game and Fauna Service and one under the Forestry Department), strategically located within vulture territories, providing sufficient and safe food for the birds.

According to Birdlife Cyprus, the #LIFEwithVultures program will establish a fifth restaurant to support the growing population, thanks to bird imports from Spain.

"As the vulture population increases, efforts are underway for a more sustainable and natural food availability aligned with relevant regulations for public health and disposal of dead animals.

The creation of controlled feeding areas near farms is already being explored, where, in collaboration with farmers and Veterinary Services, carcasses will be placed for vultures instead of being transported to incineration facilities.

This will help reduce vultures' dependence on feeding stations and promote a more natural foraging behavior in unpredictable times and spaces," the statement concludes.

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