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Lawyer lying his way into client’s quarter million

Foreign national awarded €250,000 accident insurance says local attorney lied about losing case


A lawyer in Cyprus, who has been accused of pocketing a quarter million euro of insurance money awarded to his client, is facing multiple fraud charges following his extradition by German authorities years later.

According to local media, a Greek Cypriot attorney back in 2017 represented a Romanian national who won his case in court following a serious traffic accident.

The man says his lawyer told him they had lost the case but he carried out his own research and found out he was in fact awarded a quarter million

The Nicosia judge reportedly ordered the insurance company to pay €250,000 in damages after ruling in the man’s favor.

But the Romanian man, who says his lawyer told him they had lost the case, carried out his own research and found out he was awarded by the judge a quarter million.

A complaint quickly filed with Cyprus Police led to the issuance of an arrest warrant but the lawyer’s whereabouts remained unknown until five years later when German authorities responded to an Interpol Red Notice.

The lawyer was extradited to Cyprus on March 31 when he was arrested by Cypriot authorities, while a criminal case was filed against him a week later.

Local media said the attorney, who was no longer listed in the Cyprus Bar Association directory, is facing multiple charges including two counts of forgery and two relating to proceeds of unlawful activity.


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