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Limassol building disaster raises maintenance concerns

Building safety under scrutiny after collapse


Limassol Municipality is grappling with a severe building safety issue following the collapse of balconies in a privately owned building on Nafplio and Ethnikis Antistasis streets.

Promptly alerted to the incident at dawn, the municipality swiftly mobilized protective measures for residents and passersby.

During an on-site investigation, the Technical Service of the Municipality identified oxidized armature as the likely cause of the balcony collapse, raising questions about the effectiveness of repairs carried out four years ago.

The municipality emphasizes that the maintenance created a misleading perception of the building's safety, prompting serious concerns about the accountability of those involved in the repair procedures.

This incident underscores the immediate need for legislative regulation, particularly regarding periodic Certificates of Fitness for Buildings.

According to Limassol Municipality, inspections over the past decade revealed alarming statistics—500 private buildings inspected, 400 issued warning letters for civil engineer appointments, and around a hundred structures declared dangerous.

The municipality took interventions costing over one million euros to address these hazards.

In a final plea, Limassol Municipality calls for swift enactment of legislation to implement Certificates of Suitability for Buildings.

The municipality stresses the urgency of defining a legal framework for Management Committees, attributing them with the responsibilities and obligations necessary for building safety.

Drastic decisions on dangerous buildings are deemed essential to prevent further fatal incidents, marking a critical turning point for building safety in Limassol.

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