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Limassol teacher denies roughing up student

Police investigate teacher in alleged school violence against student at a Limassol elementary school


A Limassol teacher, who was detained for questioning after being accused of attacking a young student, has denied the allegations.

Police told Knews that the male suspect, a state teacher at a Limassol primary school, was briefly detained at a local police station where he presented himself along with his attorney.

According to media sources, the teacher on Wednesday afternoon denied allegations of physical violence while a POED state teachers union representative said their colleague was a victim in an character-attack aided by unauthorized leaks to the media.

The teacher is being accused of roughing up a 9-year-old student at his elementary school, while the boy’s legal guardian says this was not an isolated incident.

Reports said the boy was pushed to a wall by his teacher following a verbal argument in a classroom between the adult and the child. According to the boy’s grandfather, the teacher grabbed the student by the T-shirt and pushed him to a wall, causing the boy to bump his head onto a hard surface in the office.

The boy’s grandfather, who spoke to the media in broken Greek, said he had taken the youngster to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital after realizing his grandson had a bump on the head.

Police are investigating the case.

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