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Youths suspected in food delivery robberies

Teenage girls among suspects in connection with food delivery robbery in Limassol


Limassol police have cracked wide open a robbery of a food delivery guy, with a number of arrest warrants pointing to a gang of students including teenage girls.

According to Philenews, a student gang is believed to be behind a series of aggravated robberies of fast food delivery drivers, following an investigation into a recent case last week.

Last Friday, a 28-year-old delivery guy told police he was attacked by a group of young people who robbed him, took his money pouch with €200 inside, as well as food worth €35.

Reports said the victim had gone to an area in Yermasogia on a late night delivery where a teenage girl was waiting for the food to arrive

Reports said the victim had gone to an area in Yermasogia, Limassol district, late in the evening where a teenage girl was waiting for the food delivery.

At that time, the delivery person was approached by a hooded person who asked him to hand over his money pouch, while another person with the face covered proceeded to opening the delivery box and taking the food without paying. The victim said a third hooded person was also present.

On Monday evening, an 18-year-old girl was detained on an arrest warrant following a police investigation, while arrest warrants were also issued over the weekend for four other suspects aged between 16 and 22.

Two suspects aged 16 and 22 have been remanded in custody for three days, while it was reported three out of five suspects were females in their mid to upper teens.

Some media outlets spoke of a 15-year-old girl named in the arrest warrants, but Knews could not confirm this with police as persons under the age of 16 cannot be arrested. 

Law enforcement officials have been on alert in recent months after several similar incidents were reported by delivery drivers. Previous reports had made references to suspects reportedly speaking in a Cypriot dialect. 

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