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Male cop suspended over kissing incident

Police chief says ‘zero tolerance’ after female officer accused male colleague of indecent assault


A male police officer in Nicosia has been suspended after a female colleague said he kissed her on the cheek while she was on duty.

According to local media, police administration suspended on Monday a male cop who is being accused of inappropriate behaviour after a female officer complained to her colleagues last week that he kissed her on the cheek while the two were discussing an incident.

Additional reports said the incident took place last week at a Nicosia location where the female officer was on duty, after the male colleague visited the area following a complaint.

It was not clear if the officers were inside a police box or vehicle, but local media said the female cop told colleagues the man kissed her on the cheek as the two were talking

It was not clear whether the officers had been standing outside or were inside a sentry box or vehicle at the time of the incident, but local media said the female officer told colleagues afterwards that he kissed her on the cheek as the two were talking following a complaint while she was on duty.

The female officer reportedly refused the kiss and further told colleagues about the alleged incident, whie she also gave a written deposition later.

After Police Chief Stylianos Papatheodorou reportedly got wind of the complaint on Monday, he instructed police director Yiannakis Charalambous to suspend the male officer, who was also expected to give a statement for internal affairs.

Police declined to comment on the story but local media said a criminal and disciplinary probe had been launched, with a special officer tasked with investigating the allegations.

The officer is facing possible charges of indecent assault in connection with a sexual offence committed against another person without consent.

Local media said the Chief reiterated there was zero tolerance to such incidents.

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