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Malfunction terrifies air passengers en route to Larnaca

British Airways plane shoots streams of painful pressurized air inside cabin before take off


Terrified passengers on a British Airways flight en route to Larnaca were horrified when they saw pressurized air jet streaming inside the cabin in front of their eyes, causing ear pain and panic attacks.

According to British press, a BA plane was on the tarmac at Heathrow ready to depart for Larnaca on Sunday, when a computer malfunction gave a false indication in the cockpit that the airfract was off the ground. The computers on board automatically gave the order to increase air pressure. 

The computers on board automatically gave the order to increase air pressure

As a result, air pressure began rocketing inside the cabin over passengers, who started screaming and shouting and clutching their ears.

“Let me off,” some passengers yelled.

An eye witness said people started to shout out loud, demanding that the doors of the aircraft be opened, with one report saying a man had fainted during the ordeal.

The plane returned to the apron where technicians fixed the problem ahead of the six-hour flight, which took place without an incident. 

Some reports said the particular aircraft was old and scheduled to go out of service sometime within the third quarter of this year.

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