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Man jumps Paphos airport fence to catch missed flight

Passenger breaches security to board plane after officials refuse to let him through closed gate


A passenger caused a three hour delay in a Cracow-bound flight, when he jumped over a fence at Paphos airport out of desperation to board the plane and rejoin his family.

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The man, described as a 46-year-old Ukrainian national, reportedly became upset after officials wouldn’t let him board his flight to Cracow.

He had left his family at the gate in order to return a rental car but lost his way back and didn’t make it to the gate on time. Media reports said he was trying to use his GPS device to get back but couldn't find his way quickly.

After realising his family was on the plane and he failed to convince officials to let him through, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Officials said he jumped the airport security fencing in an attempt to locate the plane and board the flight.

Knews understands the plane was moments away from taxiing for departure to Poland.

Police, who arrested the man, are investigating the incident.

The flight took off more than three hours later with his family on board, while he was taken to the police station.

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