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Man with chainsaw has fallout with officials

Paphos police detain suspect over incident outside Turkish Cypriot property branch last month


A man in Paphos has been arrested following complaints that he threatened to harm staff at the town’s Turkish-Cypriot property management office.

According to police, a 34-year-old man was detained on Thursday in Paphos after a warrant for his arrest was issued last month in connection with a trespassing incident and use of threats.

Police said the suspect, described as a Turkish Cypriot male living in Paphos, was seen on November 27 outside the local Turkish-Cypriot property management office holding a chainsaw.

The Turkish Cypriot man, who had gone to the office to discuss a case, ended up arguing with staff and was then seen outside the building holding a chainsaw

Additional reports said the man, who had gone to the office to discuss a case, ended up arguing with staff. He was then seen outside the building holding a chainsaw.

Police said a warrant was issued for the suspect’s arrest on the day of the incident but was not detained until officers caught up with him on Thursday in Paphos.

It was not clear whether police would seek further remand for the suspect, who is reportedly facing multiple charges including use of threats, trespassing, causing a public disturbance, and transporting an instrument that can be used as a weapon.

After the island was split four decades ago, the management of Turkish Cypriot properties in the Republic of Cyprus in the south has been handled by the Interior Ministry, while local offices headed by district directors have some discretion in the way cases are handled.

Police did not confirm whether a motive was known in connection with the incident but told Knews that officers were assessing some claims made by the suspect.

“He was not there to cut trees according to the complaint,” a source told Knews.

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