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Man jailed for threatening to torch building

Palestinian man who previously alleged police brutality gets ten months in attempted arson case


A man who threatened to set a building on fire near at a government office complex in Nicosia has been sentenced to ten months in prison.

According to local media, a Nicosia judge on Wednesday handed down a 10 month prison sentence to a 40-year-old Palestinian man after he was found guilty on attempted arson charges.

In the morning of May 6, the man walked into a building on Kyriacou Matsi Street, reportedly holding a gasoline canister and lighter, and spilled fuel on the floor. He then threatened to set the place on fire.

The man filed a report in 2019 regarding an alleged police brutality incident

The man, who reportedly resides in the Republic with his Cypriot wife, had filed a report against the police regarding an alleged police brutality incident in 2019.

“I’m gonna torch this place, you guys ruined me,” the man reportedly shouted in broken Greek.

Police officers immediately rushed to the scene and detained the man, later pressing arson charges.

The man said he was physically assaulted by law enforcement officers in the past and further alleged that his complaint was not examined by the Independent Authority for the Investigation of Allegations and Complaints Against the Police.

Complaint stuck at Legal department

Following the incident, the committee issued a statement saying the complaint had been examined and completed by an independent criminal investigator.

The final step in the complaint process was expected from the Legal Services Department.

Reports said the building where the arson attempt took place also housed Legal staff.

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