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Masks made mandatory outdoors

Among the tighter restrictions to be enforced on Friday is a mandatory mask use rule in all outdoor public spaces


Come Friday, masks will be mandatory in all outdoor public spaces for all over the age of 12, the health ministry announced on Thursday as part of a bundle of stricter restrictions aiming to slow down the rampant spread of coronavirus.

According to the ministry, masks must be worn outdoors at all times, with violators to be subject to a €300 fine.

Exempt from this rule are people who are exercising or actively eating or drinking. Also exempt are people with mental or development disorders who are unable to comply with face mask use, as are people with several neurological or neuromuscular diseases who are unable to wear a mask, and people who have antomical deformities or injuries.

The new rule comes to pile up on top of the rule already in place requiring masks to be worn in indoor spaces when more than two people are present.

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