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Migration tops Cypriot concerns in EU election prep

Eurobarometer survey reveals migration and economy concerns at forefront of voters' minds


In less than two months, Cyprus gears up for not only local elections but also European Parliament elections, with a Eurobarometer survey revealing key concerns and priorities among Cypriot voters. According to a report by Andreas KAramitas, migration and asylum issues, along with economic support, top the list of concerns, reflecting citizens' awareness of the geopolitical context and the importance of the upcoming elections.

According to the survey, managing migration flows and addressing asylum rank as major concerns for 41% of Cypriots, closely followed by 40% prioritizing economic strengthening, job creation, and unemployment challenges. Social equality and public health also emerge as significant concerns, with 38% highlighting the need for equal opportunities and healthcare access.

The intention to participate in the elections is notably high, with 55% of Cypriots expressing interest and 60% likely to vote, mirroring a positive trend seen across Europe. Strengthening the role of the European Parliament is evident, with 85% of Cypriots holding a positive view, emphasizing the desire for direct citizen representation in EU decision-making.

On the world stage, defense, energy, and security take precedence for EU citizens, with 37% prioritizing defense and security. In Cyprus, defense and security concerns are echoed, alongside issues of food security, agriculture, education, and research.

Despite challenges, a majority of Europeans believe in the EU's growing importance globally, with 54% acknowledging its strengthened role. Furthermore, 73% of Europeans recognize the direct impact of EU actions on their daily lives, affirming the Union's significance in ensuring security and prosperity.

The survey underscores evolving priorities and perceptions among Europeans, highlighting the need for the EU to address security, energy, and food concerns while maintaining its crucial role on the world stage.

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