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Ministry directs immediate compensation for potato producers

Minister's directive: Addressing delayed payments for farmers' losses


Following the recent onslaught of hailstorms and heavy rains wreaking havoc on potato farms in the free Famagusta district, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment Maria Panayiotou has sprung into action, issuing immediate directives for compensating affected growers.

During her visit to the community of Avgorou to assess the extent of the damage firsthand, Minister Panayiotou reiterated the government's staunch support for the embattled farmers.

She underscored the collaborative efforts between agricultural organizations and ministry officials, emphasizing their proactive approach to addressing the crisis head-on.

"We foresaw the severity of the weather conditions and took proactive measures in conjunction with farmers and relevant departments," remarked Minister Panayiotou. "Our utmost priority is to swiftly assess losses and expedite compensation as soon as weather conditions permit."

Expressing heartfelt gratitude to the proactive agricultural organizations and ministry officials, Panayiotou assured farmers of immediate support through the risk fund to alleviate losses incurred due to hail, rains, and other weather-related adversities.

In response to concerns about delays in compensating producers for previous damages, Minister Panayiotou acknowledged the imperative for streamlining payment processes. She underscored her directive to expedite payments and explore more efficient mechanisms to mitigate delays.

Addressing worries about impending water cuts impacting farmers, the minister affirmed ongoing proactive engagement with relevant authorities to mitigate challenges arising from adverse weather conditions.

Andreas Karios, spokesman for Potato Growers, echoed the call for a revamped agricultural compensation framework to better shield producers from extreme weather events. He stressed the urgency of additional grants to address the current damages.

Christos Papapetrou, General Secretary of Pek, highlighted the volatility of weather patterns and underscored the need for proactive planning to mitigate future challenges.

Tassos Yiapanis, General Secretary of Panagrotiko, commended the minister's swift response to farmers' concerns and urged necessary adjustments to the agricultural compensation framework to ensure timely support for affected farmers.

Panikos Hambas, General Secretary of the Eka, emphasized the vital role of agriculture in securing food supplies and urged expedited resolutions to existing challenges.

Yiannakis Gavriil, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, emphasized the significance of accurate data collection and prompt compensation to sustain the agricultural sector amidst ongoing challenges.

The government's proactive measures signal a commitment to standing by Cyprus's farmers during times of adversity, ensuring the resilience of the agricultural sector in the face of unpredictable weather patterns.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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