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16 June, 2024
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Unpredictable weather patterns sweep across Cyprus

Rain, thunder, and snow ahead


We've got a mix of clouds and sunshine on the agenda. Some areas might lean more towards the cloudy side. Keep that umbrella handy because we're looking at scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially along the eastern and northern coastlines.

And guess what? Snow is in the forecast up in the mountains! Winds will be kicking in from the northeast to southeast, not too strong, though. The sea might get a bit choppy. Temperatures? They'll hover around 15°C inland, 16°C along the coast, and a chilly 3°C up in the mountains.

As we head into tonight, expect some more clouds moving in, possibly bringing showers to the western and northern coasts. Winds will ease up, and the sea should calm down a bit. Temperatures will drop to about 4°C inland, 6°C along the coast, and below freezing up high.

Tomorrow's outlook? Clouds rolling in, scattered showers, and maybe even a thunderstorm, especially in the mountains and southeast. Keep an eye out for some snowflakes in the higher elevations!

As we cruise into Saturday and Sunday, expect a mix of clouds and sun, with a chance of showers and a sprinkle of snow up in the mountains. Temperatures will stay pretty steady, so nothing too extreme there.

If you're wondering, the snow depth in Troodos Square right now is 27 centimeters.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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