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Moggy wins ''Cat of the Year'' award

Deaf owner's trusty feline assistant honored

Source: Sky News

A cat who has become invaluable to his deaf owner by "hearing" for her has been voted National Cat of the Year.

Zebby the moggy has no formal hearing training, yet helps 66-year-old Genevieve Moss around the home by tapping her when the phone rings or he hears any strange noises, and pacing in front of her if someone is at the door.

The black and white cat even brings the post and slippers to Ms. Moss, who lives alone in Derbyshire.

She said with Zebby around she doesn't feel lonely and "can't imagine life without [him]".

She added: "Without my hearing aid, I can't hear anything, but now I have Zebby to help me. He'll come and tap me when the phone is ringing, and then I can pop my hearing aid and speaker on and take the call."

Dubbed a "hero" by his owner, Zebby beat thousands of other felines to receive the prestigious award after deliberation by a panel of celebrities including former goalkeeper David Seaman MBE and high-profile vet Dr Scott Miller.

Ms Moss said: "I am so proud of Zebby for showing the world how intuitive and caring cats can be, and what a positive effect they can have on people's lives.

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