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New details emerge in Larnaca abduction

Suspect called in a bomb threat in another school moments earlier to throw cops off


Larnaca investigators have learned that the suspect in Tuesday’s kidnapping had carefully laid out an elaborate plan to divert attention from police moments before snatching the two school boys.

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According to media reports, 35-year-old Yiorgos “George” Nicolaou, who is police custody facing multiple kidnapping charges, was the same person who had called in a bomb threat at a different school Tuesday morning, minutes prior to abducting two 11-year-olds from Kamares Elementary.

The case has shocked Cypriot society as people were holding onto the edge of their seats for nearly eight hours as authorities mounted a massive search to locate the suspect, including setting road blocks and flying helicopters over the area.

It is still not clear what happened during the capture, while reports said the officers found the two pupils on a bed in a semi-conscious state and unaware of their surroundings

Two police officers who responded to a tip, turned their attention about a kilometre away from the school to Nicolaou’s apartment, where it turned out that he had taken the two boys and drugged them by putting a tranquilizer in their lemonade.

It is still not clear whether police know what happened during the time Nicolaou kept the two boys, but reports said the officers found the two pupils on a bed in a semi-conscious state and unaware of their surroundings.

Nicolaou maintains he only kidnapped the boys for ransom but police had previously dismissed the scenario, citing no evidence of demands being made whatsoever. Investigators also confiscated multiple computers from his residence as well as an adjacent office. Earlier reports said the suspect was involved in operating online websites but did not describe the full nature of those activities.

Initial reports about the suspect not acting alone were quickly tossed aside from day one but now police is not ruling out the possibility, while clarifying there has been no evidence as of yet to suggest Nicolaou had one or more associates.

Following medical exams, officials have said the boys did not show signs of physical abuse. Knews understands police investigators are very intently pursuing leads from lab test results and computer forensics, hoping they can learn additional information including possible a motive.

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