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New devastating bombshell in Alexoui case

Defence connects dots after court slip-up, launch allegations against police and Legal Department


The attorneys for Alexoui and Rudolf in a long and protracted attempted murder trial dropped another bombshell this week, alleging “serious criminal offences” involving police and possibly the Legal Department.

According to local media, the lawyers of Nicosia businessman Alexis “Alexoui” Mavromichalis and Miroslav “Rudolf” Balazovjech, both of whom are being held without bail since February 2020, have sent a letter to the Legal Services Department in which they raised possible “serious criminal offences” involving two prosecution witnesses, a police captain, a police officer, and potentially an official from the Legal Department.

Alexoui and Rudolf are facing attempted murder charges after being accused of being involved in the attempted murder of Panicos “Glykas” Panayiotou back in 2017. Glykas, who had initially pointed to other suspects, later appeared to have told police that others had told him Alexoui was behind the hit and Ruydolf pulled the trigger, when he was shot outside his apartment building in downtown Nicosia.

But the defence team has challenged both Glykas’ story as well as the prosecution’s handling of the case, arguing the defendants were not getting a fair trial.

One individual says incriminating information he had presented to police on a number of persons regarding other matters was ignored by officers, who allegedly only asked for dirt on Alexoui

It turns out that Alexoui’s lawyers have put together new information to support their position, following a major slip-up by Glykas during trial two weeks ago, when he reportedly waved a piece of paper that was actually recent testimony from another individual that was never disclosed to the defence.

In a recent letter to the Legal Department, according to local media, the lawyers say the sole prosecution witness -and victim- had obtained a copy of a deposition from another individual, who allegedly says he was directed and threatened to implicate Alexoui.

The defence also alleges in their letter that Glykas and another friend of his had told the individual in question that if he would testify for the prosecution and Alexoui ended up being convicted, that man would get €150,000 cash as well as his very own section in a racketeering enterprise.

According to the letter, the defence team says the individual in question was allowed to take a photo of his police statement and then he sent it to Glykas, while other witnesses were also being filled in while others were also contacting him to give him the latest on their conversations with a police captain, who is named in the letter.

The defence attorneys are calling on the Legal department to investigate possible offences by two named police officers, as well as an official with Legal Services for any possible involvement in criminal activity.

Police have relied on Glykas’ testimony to go after Alexoui, who also had an attempt on his life in the past, while witnesses expected by police to testify against the Nicosia businessman ended up throwing off the prosecution by saying they were being coerced to testify.

One individual went on to say that incriminating information he had presented to police on a number of persons regarding other matters was ignored by officers, who allegedly only asked for dirt on Alexoui.

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