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Alexoui and chief inspector face off in court

Defence attorney for Alexis Mavromichalis asks to view official’s file in case against his client


Nicosia businessman Alexis “Alexoui” Mavromichalis, who says the town’s chief inspector made threats against him, is asking for the official’s file in order to prepare for his trial where he faces multiple charges.

Mavromichalis, who is suspected by authorities for having ties to illegal activities, was arrested last summer for disorderly conduct and interfering with the work of police officers.

Cops had gone at a well known hotel in Nicosia where they stopped a friend of Mavromichalis in the outdoor parking lot for a search. At that time, Alexoui arrived with another friend and reportedly protested for the repeated searches against his person as well as other friends and relatives.

Alexoui then dared the officers to arrest him and leave his friends alone, according to police sources, who also reported there was an escalation during the exchange.

Alexoui’s current lawyer says he wants to review the chief inspector’s file to see whether the senior police official had received similar complaints in the past

Police then arrested both Alexoui and his friend on charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

But instead of Alexoui being released the following morning as it had been expected, he was called for a sit-down with Chief Inspector Nicos Sofokleous, where an argument broke out during between the detainee and the official. As a result, Alexoui was not released as expected.

According to police, Alexoui threatened and tried to scare Sofokleous.

“You’ll see what I’ll do to you,” Alexoui allegedly told the chief inspector.

But a lawyer representing Alexoui at the time said his client was not permitted to file a complaint against the police, citing verbal assaults and threats he had received during his detention when he was taken to Sofokleous’ office in handcuffs prior to the release.

“You’re gonna die,” Sofokleous told Alexoui according to local media citing unnamed sources.

“You better ask around to find out who I am,” Sofokleous reportedly said, adding “I’m gonna gut you like a fish and you’ll have it worse than the Aeroporos kin.”

Alexoui’s current lawyer says he wants to review the chief inspector’s file which could show whether the senior police official had received similar complaints in the past.

The two defendants, Alexoui and his friend, face a number of charges together, including resisting arrest, public disorder, and attacking a police officer, while the Nicosia businessman is also being accused of having an installed security camera system outside his residence, with police arguing it is not legal.

Lebanon incident

Both defendants have been released on bail while Alexoui was arrested in Lebanon earlier this week, based on an old international warrant.

The reasons for the mix-up were not immediately clear, as the warrant had been issued back in 2010 and was no longer valid. Reports said Alexoui was expected to be released on Thursday afternoon, following some formalities and embassy contacts.

The trial in Nicosia was postponed following the request for the chief inspector’s file, while Alexoui is expected to face a witness lineup of police officers who will testify for the prosecution.

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