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Alexoui takes to Facebook after midnight search

Alexis Mavromichalis pokes fun at cops for nonstop searches that come up empty handed


Police are taking a beating on social media following a midnight house search of a Nicosia businessman with suspected ties to illegal activities.

Alexis ‘Alexoui’ Mavromichalis, whose recent fallouts with police included a heated exchange with the town’s police chief inspector, took to social media to criticise cops for bursting into his home around midnight.

“The fact that you came in seven cars to my house at midnight to carry out a search while my daughter is at home, begs the question: either you are so naïve to believe you’ll find something or I’m so stupid to have something,” Mavromichalis wrote.

The post received many positive comments, responses, and shares, with many social media users making references to police corruption and criticising authorities.

Alexoui also cited a French economist and sociologist, Frederic Bastiat, who famously wrote about law and ethics.

'When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law,' Alexoui wrote citing Bastiat

“When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law,” Alexoui wrote citing Bastiat.

But police say they are stepping up their efforts to keep criminals on their toes, as part of a campaign to disrupt illegal network activities.

Officers also dismantled the security camera apparatus outside Mavromichalis home, arguing the system was installed illegally.

Mavromichalis, who had an attempt on his life in the past, says he needs cameras and body guards for protection.

Alexoui, who is known for his public and frequent comments critical of the police, recently posted on social media a damning statement about police corruption that got him arrested.

He was later re-arrested at a Nicosia hotel parking lot for interfering with the work of police and disorderly conduct, when he protested to officers for the repeated searches against his person as well as other friends and relatives.

His release on bail was then delayed due to a heated argument with Chief Inspector Nicos Sofokleous, with Alexoui landing behind bars for another day.

Mavromichalis’ lawyer said his client would launch a complaint against police, citing verbal assaults and threats he had received during his detention.

Cops came empty handed during the latest midnight search, according to Alexoui’s Facebook post, where he also offered a piece of advice to police.

“Leave me alone for a bit, so I can find the time to break the law and then you can actually find something on me,” Alexoui wrote.

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