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Manhunt underway after Paphos mall robbery

Armed thief steals €7500 from currency exchange booth in the underground parking area


Paphos police are conducting a manhunt for a suspect following a currency booth robbery at the Mall, where €7500 in cash was stolen at gun threat.

According to police, the perpetrator went to the underground parking lot of the shopping mall, where the currency booth is located, and threatened the female employee with a gun.

He demanded all the money from the cash register and told her to sit quietly in the corner, according to cops who said the suspect spoke in English.

Police said the suspect’s face was not covered during the robbery but he was wearing sunglasses and a sports cap.

A large number of officers were combing through the area to locate the suspect while investigators also asked to examine security camera footage from the Mall’s CCTV, both indoors and outdoors.

The suspect was wearing white shorts with a black sweatshirt and was seen exiting the Mall on foot and running away.

CID Paphos is investigating the case.


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