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Limassol cops avert bank robbery

Would-be criminals manage to escape on foot as police officers close in


Cyprus police possibly thwarted a bank robbery in Limassol on Friday, with all evidence pointing to would-be criminals being at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Police went on alert when a sledgehammer was spotted around 8:30am behind some bushes, in the tourist area of Amathounda in Limassol.

Because of other recent incidents in the southern town, patrol cars in the area were immediately called to the area and saw a big motorbike moving suspiciously with two individuals wearing their helmets.

But in no time, police were notified about an accident nearby involving a big engine motorbike on Onisilou Street, with the two individuals seen running away on foot and leaving the bike behind.

Stolen bike got into an accident

The bike was examined and it turned out it had been reported stolen back on March 20, while additional reports indicated that another vehicle with fake registration plates had picked up at least one of the two individuals.

Limassol police spokesman Sotiris Sotiriades said they believed they averted an almost certain criminal activity.

“We are at the very early stages of the investigation, but one things we can say for sure is that a criminal act has been averted,” Sotiriades said.

Police have not excluded the possibility that the suspects could be people with a criminal past or even be on the Wanted List.

Police dogs from the K-9 unit were on the scene in an effort to locate the suspects.  

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