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Cyprus thrust back into furnace

Yellow weather warning as temperatures reach 41 inland, mid-30’s elsewhere


Officials warn of extreme hot weather on Thursday with highs at 41 degrees, while temperatures are expected to drop slightly Saturday but still above the normal average.

A yellow warning goes into effect Thursday morning at 11am and will last through 5pm in the afternoon, with officials urging the public to take precautions.

People who are particularly sensitive to hot weather, including senior citizens, young children, pregnant women, and people with a health condition, should take precautions, such as drink plenty of fluids (water), dress lightly, avoid extended exposure to the sun, and stay in cooled areas using air fans or air condition units.

Maximum highs at 41 Celsius (105 Fahrenheit)

Thursday skies will be mostly clear while waterless clouds over foothill areas and on the mountains will form in some parts during the day.

Maximum high temperatures are expected to reach 41° Celsius inland, 33 on the western coast, around 35 in the rest of the coastal regions and 30 on the mountains.

Evening skies will be mostly clear with calm to relatively calm seas and a chance of low clouds and fog developing in some parts in the early morning.

Minimum low temperatures will register 25° inland and along the south and east coast, around 23 out west and along the northern coastline, while it be 20 degrees up on the mountains at the highest elevation.

Friday is expected to remain the same with mostly clear skies, while waterless clouds over foothill areas and on the mountains will form in some parts.

Saturday will also be mostly clear with some cloud formations while temperature will drop slightly but still remain slightly above the normal seasonal average.

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