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Yellow weather alert goes into effect

Officials warn the public over extreme hot weather with Wednesday and Thursday highs to reach 40


An extreme high temperature alert is in effect until Thursday 6pm, with officials warning the public to take precautions and follow hot weather safety tips.

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The yellow weather alert went into effect on Wednesday at 12 noon, due to maximum temperatures expected to reach 40 degrees around the capital and inland areas.

Thursday high temperature is also expected to reach 40 Celsius inland, while it will be 35 along the southern, eastern, and northern coasts, around 33 out west, and 30 up on the mountains.

Minimum lows are expected to drop to 26 degrees.

People who are particularly sensitive to hot weather, including senior citizens, young children, pregnant women, and people with a health condition, should take precautions, such as drink plenty of fluids (water), dress lightly, avoid extended exposure to the sun, and stay in cooled areas using air fans or air condition units.




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