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New insights into elderly woman's struggle at bus stop

Photo of grandmother on ground exposes Paphos bus stop issues


A recent photo circulating on the internet depicts an elderly woman lying on the ground at a bus stop in Paphos, drawing attention to ongoing infrastructure issues. This incident, which mirrors a similar event in 2022 involving the same woman at the same location, underscores the persistent problems with bus stops across Cyprus.

The photo, which gained widespread attention after being featured on Sigma TV's show "Mesimeri Kai Kati," reveals more than just inadequate bus stop standards. Marios Ignatiou, a journalist covering the story, delved deeper into the woman's circumstances.

Ignatiou reported that the woman and her daughter live in a house shared with goats. Despite a court order that initially led to the removal of the animals, the women brought the goats back. "An order has been issued by the court which was initially executed and the animals were removed, but the two women brought the animals back to the house," Ignatiou explained. "Now there is again a decree in force to remove the animals from the house."

The recurring incidents at this bus stop in Paphos not only highlight the need for improved public transportation infrastructure but also bring to light the ongoing personal challenges faced by the elderly woman and her daughter.

[With information sourced from Sigma]

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