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North buys car ferry in new trade-tourism bid

Turkish Cypriots use public money to boost maritime potential with Turkey, eyes also on sea buses


Turkish Cypriots have reportedly bought a Ro-Ro ship that will sail between the island’s northern coast and southern Turkey, as new avenues are being sought to boost tourism and transport.

According to Turkish media, a Roll-on/roll-off ship is expected to be delivered early February to the Turkish Cypriot administration, which has already paid for the ferry that will sail between Turkey’s Mersin and the island’s Kyrenia coast which is currently being revamped.

A similar endeavor took place in the southern part of the island last year, where the Republic of Cyprus launched a state-subsidized ferry link with Greece for the first time after two decades

The move comes as the north aims to revive maritime transport operations and boost trade and tourism that traditionally depend on airlines, while officials also hope to add sea buses in the future.

Turkish Cypriot maritime transportation has been slow with after some operations even eased completely.

But officials are betting on a new era hoping that a fresh start funded by public money will increase the number of companies and sea buses operating on island-mainland lines.

A similar endeavor has taken place in the southern part of the island, where the Republic of Cyprus last year launched a state-subsidized ferry link with Greece for the first time after two decades.

Greek Cypriot officials also remain hopeful that the state’s EU-approved subsidy will render the project commercially sustainable after the contract is over.

Sea buses have also been a topic of discussion in the south after reports said officials believed there was a demand from travelers who do not wish to fly but want to visit nearby destinations, such as Israel.

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